HPE 8/40 SAN Switch


HPE 8/40 SAN Switch

HPE StorageWorks 8/40 SAN Switch برای سازمان‌هایی که نیاز به راه‌حل های انعطاف‌پذیری برای ذخیره‌سازی اطلاعات با سرعت بالا را دارند دارند، مناسب می باشند.

SAN 8/40 برای ذخیره سازی اطلاعات سازمان هایی که نیاز به افزایش ظرفیت در محیط های Mission-Critical دارند، طراحی شده است – (ترکیبی از فناوری کانال فیبر 1، 2، 4 و 8 گیگابیت بر ثانیه در پیکربندی های 24، 32 یا 40 پورت).

مشخصات فنی:

  • دسترس پذیری بالا
  • عملکرد شبکه را با ترانکینگ (ISL) بهبودیافته، افزایش می‌دهد
  • سرعت انتقال اطلاعات تا 64 گیگابیت
  • دارای قابلیت Ports on Demand برای مقیاس پذیری سریع، آسان و مقرون به صرفه از 24 تا 40 پورت در 8 پورت افزایشی

Product features

Key features and benefits
  • Offers Best-in-Class port density and scalability for midrange enterprise SAN switches.

  • Delivers full 8 Gb/s 1:1 performance for up to 40 ports in an Energy-Efficient, optimized 1U form factor with an aggregate bandwidth of 680 Gb/s.

  • Increases network performance with enhanced ISL Trunking, which enables a High-Speed data path up to 64 Gb/s.

  • Features ports on demand capabilities for fast, easy, and cost-effective scalability from 24 to 40 ports in 8-port increments.

  • Meets High-Availability requirements with redundant, Hot-Pluggable components, Non-Disruptive software upgrades, and hot code activation for a wide range of SAN configurations.

  • Provides Adaptive Networking (AN) services, such as Quality of Service (QoS), to help optimize application performance in consolidated, virtual environments.

  • Leverages intelligent B-series SAN management and monitoring tools to increase operational efficiency and maximize SAN investments.

8/40 SAN switch
  • Simplifies enterprise SAN deployment by combining higher edge switch port density with exceptional scalability, performance and reliability.

  • Delivers 24, 32, or 40-ports in a 1U enclosure.

  • Meets enterprise level availability requirements with redundant, hot pluggable components, no-single-points-of-failure within the switch.

  • Provides 1Gb, 2Gb, 4Gb, 8 Gb/s performance.

  • Employs optional ISL trunking to provide a High-Speed data path between switches which enables a High-Speed data path between 4 Gb/s switches up to 64 Gb/s.

  • Integrated redundant, hot swappable cooling fans and power supplies.

  • Enhanced fault detection logic.

  • Parity protection on all data paths and system memory.

Advanced fabric services
  • Hardware and software enforced zoning

  • Frame filtering

  • Built-in Web browser management tools

  • Enhanced Group Management (EGM)

  • SAN network advisor (Optional)

Cabinet support
HPE (22U, 36U and 42U) 9000 and 10000 G1 Series, (25U, 33U and 41U) HPE System/e, and the new 42U HPE 10000 G2 series and intelligent series racks.
Non-Blocking architecture
Includes simultaneous wire-speed support for all ports to provide a high-performance system with aggregate bandwidth of up to 640 Gb/s full duplex.
Auto-sensing 1, 2, 4, and 8 Gb/s switch and router ports
Enables rapid deployment with minimal configuration in existing environments; provides the highest performance available, with complete backward and forward investment protection.
Ports on demand capability
Enables ?pay-as-user-grow? non disruptive scalability from 24 to 40 ports for easy, scalable growth in highly dynamic business environments.
Full 1:1 subscription on all ports at 8 Gb/s
Simplifies SAN management, negating the need to map application performance requirements to port speeds.
Optional software for Integrated Routing, per-port routing option
Improves scalability and fault isolation on a per-port basis; delivers architecture flexibility, negating the need to deploy a dedicated routing platform or consume director slots.
Enhanced ISL Trunking
Allows up to eight ports (at 2, 4, or 8 Gb/s speeds) between a pair of switches to be combined to form a single logical ISL with a speed of up to 64 Gb/s (128 Gb/s full duplex) for optimal bandwidth utilization and load balancing.
Dynamic Path Selection (DPS)
Optimizes fabric-wide performance and load balancing by automatically routing data to all available paths in the fabric.
Single code stream supports the entire B-series portfolio, providing full forward and backward compatibility among B-series SAN switches and simplifying maintenance and software upgrades.
Advanced fabric services to optimize SAN performance and resource utilization.
Sixth-generation technology
Delivers low latency, power efficiency, and high reliability while providing a highly scalable and flexible platform for advanced fabric services.
8/40 SAN switch power pack+ software bundle
The power pack+ software bundle comes with the 8/80 SAN switch power pack+ or as an optional software bundle for the 8/40 SAN Switch. It includes the following:
  • AN

  • Fabric watch

  • Advanced performance monitor

  • Extended fabric

  • ISL trunking

  • Server Application Optimization (SAO)

Fabric watch (Optional)
  • Fabric watch enables each switch to monitor the SAN for potential faults and automatically alert network managers to problems before they become failures.

  • Fabric Watch tracks a variety of SAN fabric elements, events, and counters. Monitoring Fabric-Wide events, ports, SFPs, and environmental parameters permits early fault detection and isolation as well as performance measurement. Each switch in the SAN needs its own fabric watch license.

SAO license improves overall application performance for physical servers and virtual machines. SAO, when deployed with B-series Fibre Channel HBAs, extends B-series AN from the B-series SAN fabric to the server infrastructure. This delivers application-level, Fine-Grain QoS management to the HBAs and related server applications.
Solution requirements:
  • SAO license must be installed on the edge (Server connected) switch.

  • AN license must be installed on the edge (Server connected) switch.

  • SAO requires B-series HBA installed in the server.